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5/18/07 New aquatronica products

Aquatronica showed some new products and a few product changes at the 2007 Zoomark show.

All module cases have now been redesigned for a sleeker look.

The new water leakage detection pads (ACQ320) and interface module (ACQ210N-WL) will allow AQ owners to connect one or more leak sensors to their system. These sensors are able to detect water leaks and implement a programmed course of action while also alerting the owner via email or SMS.

A New Direct USB interface module (ACQ222) was shown, an ideal alternative for people who don't have serial ports on their PC.

A New dosing pump feeding hose and connector kit (ACQ425).

The Multitester meter (ACQ150) now has a Dual Plugbar connection (ACQ0005) So now this handy little meter can double as a low cost controller. Look for it to be added to the chart soon

The SMS module was once again dangle in front of the attendees, but this time a firm delivery date was announced for the end of May.