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09/06/07 Reefkeeper II and Myreef keep getting better

MyReef is now out of the Beta stage and has moved to a full consumer product with Version 1.0 You can also find a complete users manual for MyReef on the digital aquatics website.

ReefKeeper II owners got a welcome update with the new Ver2.5 firmware release. This release has fixed some minor communication problems between MyReef and the RKII.

Recently many new WebPages have been popping up from happy RKII owners, these WebPages demonstrate the versatility of the MyReef software as the visitor is greeted with not only graphs and stats of the owners tank but also a live video webpage. Any aquarium owner can take MyReef for a test drive and take advantage of many of it's features, even if they don't own an RKII controller.

Digital Aquatics has been generous enough to make MyReef operate independently of the RKII and anybody can use it for Graphing test data such as Nitrate, Nitrite etc. even the Webcam feature is open to any user. For more power, couple it with an RKII and the user will be able to get live stats on Temperature, Ph and all the other data the RKII delivers.

Check out the MyReef manual here: