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12/28/07 New Controller ReefKeeper Elite Will Release In Early 2008!

The Controller Itself

ReefKeeper Elite

The Power Bar

RKE PowerBar

Here is a snippet of features from Digital Aquatics

Controller CPU unit:

You can use the tabs shown on the picture to flush mount it behind your stand or a wall. Or snap off the tabs and mount on the outside of a surface with the two teardrop mounting hole on the back. There are no bulky power supplies to plug in and no bundle of probe wires to route; one wire coming from the display unit takes care of everything and we give you easy options to hide that!

The RK Elite has a 128x64 graphical display. And depending on your mood you can change the backlight of the display to any one of 30 colors. The RKE also has audible feedback.

PowerBar (PC4):

-Status Lights for each channel and communication/system status.

- Digital Aquatics introduces IntellaStripô technology. Another first for our industry. Intellastrip is the ability of the PC4 to report the total current load thatís being pulled through the unit. We use this feature to do what no other power strip on the market canÖ The PC4 can think, shutting things down before a blown breaker or fuse takes the entire system down! No more worrying about what might happen if a pump fails while youíre on vacation.

-The Cap-sense interface is popping up on the PC4 also, giving you the ability to override channels at the power strip. This is a great feature if you have a PC4 in another room and you need to turn something off quickly or just need to make a quick adjustment.


The RKE is a true plug and play device. You dont have to flip switchs or tell the controller that you have added additional device. The ReefKeeper Elite will be able to address up to 63 PC4s if you need to. Thatís up to 252 outlets. The RK Elite can control 63 modules total. This includes PC4s, SL1s, and any other RK Module that is released

The Rumor Mill:

Rumor has it that the RK Elite will also have moon light simulator and they will be releasing a MLC (Moon Light Controller module) from what I have heard you will be able to plug in up to 6 moon lights that will be available in either white or blue. You can mix and match all you want and upgrade any time you need to. This will follow the lunar cycle and will have a couple simple options to start with.

I also heard that the RKE will be able to have it's firmware updated in the field so any new feature will be available for anyone that has the unit.

In Conclusion:

I am excited by all this information; it is really great to see the controller market moving forward at such a rapid rate. it was just a couple of years ago that the market seemed to be at a total stand still, now with players like DA the choices for Aquarium owners keeps getting better every year. Digital Aquatics has always been a company known for style and good looking simple to use products, the new RKE seems to follow that pattern. If New features like Intellastrip work as advertised they will ultimately save 100's of tanks from short circuits and other power problems. Additionally the newer and more powerful controller CPU's are what the market desperately needs to handle all the new probes plugs and modules that we will need, in order to get our systems fully automated.

Hopefully in the future I will be able to get my hands on an RKE and do a detailed review, so stay tuned.