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02/22/21 GHL Ion Director Release Date Delayed Again.


Once again the Ion Director has unfortunately been delayed again. This time we are told that the Beta testing results showed that the probes did not work consistently in different water environments. This could be very similar to the problem that Mindstream had with "Dirty Tank Water" vs "Pristine Tank Water". Dirty water tends to have lots of Acids in it that play havoc on probes and testing kits. My sources told me that Mindstream did solve the problem but not in time to keep the investors happy. Luckily GHL does not have the same constraints but they also have no established examples of Ion Probes working accurately over the long term in a Salt Water environment. I feel confident that if anyone can do it, it's the engineers at GHL.

Todays announcement states that Beta testing will continue until the end of March 2021 and gives no clear information as to when the product will be completed and shipped. It only states that another change will be made to the Ion Probe to hopefully fix the issues and that all the other parts of the Ion Director are finished and working properly.


Stay Tuned folks, I will update you when more news somes out.