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28-Feb-2016: The website is being reconstructed and the comparison chart Updated to include all new models and their features.

Unfortunately after 2008 just like many of you my world got a bit turned upside down and I had to prioritize between my hobbies and my Kids and Job. During that period I kept my tank going at a minimum level and thanks to full automation it still looks pretty good. As things started to settle down I got back a desire to get my tank back to the way it was and also try to spend more time getting back to being involved in this hobby that I love. My 90 gallon tank is now marking its 11th year of operating with some corals still in it from day one. Many of my fish have been happily swimming around for the last 6 years and so has most of my coral. I have gathered back data on all the latest controllers and also hope to expand this website to cover videos and other aspect of Aquarium automation.