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This Website is Dedicated to giving Aquarium owners interested in Automation, Water Testing and Various other aspects of the Hobby clear and useful Data so that you can choose equipment based on what you need and not marketing hype. A Marine aquarium is one of the most beautiful and relaxing items you can have in your home or office; it is not only visually stunning but it is also educational, challenging, and extremely rewarding. The problem for most Salt Water Aquarium owners is that they have no idea just how exacting and challenging this hobby can be. Many new owners start out very enthusiastic, but the constant need for tank maintenance and the occasional mishap can sometimes overwhelm and discourage them. Most of these problems can be eliminated by the use of proper reliable automation and automatic water testing.

We Now Have The Technology...

In recent years Aquarium Controllers and Water Testing systems have evolved and are now able to offer the Marine Aquarists the possibility to be able to Maintain most aspects of a tanks Systems from Lighting to flow metering and even dosing chemicals in a precise manor that can keep water parameters at consistent values that rival even the most pristine oceans in the world. And now in 2020 we are starting to see even more complex Automated water testing systems arrive that can work hand in hand with new and even older controllers. As controllers get more information on what your water chemistry is like they can do more and more things to automatically keep it in balance.
This site is about everything involving Aquarium controllers and other automation equipment. I welcome any Suggestions, Breaking news, personal Reviews or DIY projects you may have on the subject.

Your input is needed

Aquarium owners often hear of aquarium controllers but are overwhelmed or don't know where to start and therefore never consider purchasing a controller. With the resources at hand and with the feedback provided by actual owners of controllers users in the market for a controller can find a controller suited for them with a certain ease. If you visit the User Feedback page you can allow others to view your own thoughts about the controller you currently or in the past have owned.
Thank you for visiting.

What's New 2020

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Aquarium Controllers Website Is Being Rebuilt
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Aquatronica sets Sept Date for leak detectors.
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Aquatronica's New Products
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More News On ReefKeeper PC Software
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ReefKeeper Gets New PC Software
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GHL Announces Dosing Pump For Profilux II.
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Aquatronica Shows New Products at Zoomark.
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New Firmware update Ver 2.4 for Reefkeeper II.
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